Best Body Shapers in 2020 – Top Selections By An Expert Woman

Every woman desire to have an hourglass figure. Nothing brings confidence than being able to fit in that dress perfectly without some bumps of love handles and a protruding pouch. Exercising plays a vital role in achieving the desired body figure and recommended body weight. But there comes a time when you need to have a quick fix for the situation that won't be harmful, and that is why body-shaper remains the only option.

Many women gain weigh during pregnancy and after birth. It is the moment when you are advised to increase your food portion for the quality health of the baby and milk production. At this time, the weight accumulates, and the hourglass figure is no more to be seen.

Others gain weight due to the family planning methods they used. Some injections and pills are hormonal leading to much weight gain. Gaining back your waist might be hard especially if you have a tight schedule to indulge in any form of exercise.

It is the reason why having a body shaper is crucial as having any other essential device in your house. The shapewear also helps in reducing weight. You can start wearing it for about 2 – 4 hours a day. You then increase an hour as the days goes by and eventually you will be able to wear the shapewear throughout the day.

As your waist decrease in inches, the body shaper will get comfortable and become a little bit loose. At this point, you can progress to the next size. Shapers are used to reduce weight permanently and are available in all sizes and for everyone. Look for the body-shaper that is suitable for you and of your size to avoid being hurt and to attain your goal.

There are various types of body-shapers such as shaper tops, thigh-length shapers, bustier and, shaper tops. They are all tailored to give you a smooth silhouette.

Think of that moment when you have a dinner in one week’s time, and you want to fit in that dress perfectly, go for a body shaper, and you will get sorted. In a nutshell, let's us take you through some guide on what you should consider when buying a body shaper and its benefits.

Benefits of Body Shapers

Body-shaper is the best friend of every woman. The treasured gadget that gives you the confidence when in that dress, trouser or skirt. These are the core benefits;

• Cost Effective

The majority of the body shapers can get purchased at or even lower than that, regarding the brand and the garment. The full body fitting wraps will cost more than items such as backslide contouring and tummy corsets. You will save a considerable amount by buying a body-shaper than any other element for weight loss or body toning.

It is advisable to purchase a body-shaper rather than going for cosmetic surgery or indulging on a high-end diet program.

• Instant Slimmer Figure

Well, it gets considered to perform magic, why? No any form of exercise or diet or even cosmetic surgery that can make you slimmer instantly with an hourglass figure. A good body-shaper will reduce your physical appearance and make you look several pounds lighter. The slender body will make you fit in in a dress one or two sizes down.

• Invisible Beneath Clothes

No one would want to fit a garment that protrudes beneath clothes. It will give a wrong impression and a sign of poor choice of undergarment. Body-shapers on the other hand, are made of Lycra fabric which results to the sheerness of these garments making them virtually invisible beneath clothing. It, therefore, means you can wear the body-shaper without anyone noticing it.

The benefit brought by this aspect are impeccable. You will enjoy a special occasion in your fabulous outfit that you could not have managed to wear without help. You will manage to sit and move freely flaunting your fabulous figure that will leave others drooling, without noticing how you hacked the trick!

• It Compliments a Weight Loss Program

We all know the benefits of clean eating and other high-end diet programs. Well, the benefits of proper dieting are incredible, but it will take you several weeks, if not months, to attain your weight goals and a slimmer body. Even after much sacrifice, dedication and discipline, you might still be a few inches away from target weight.

It is at this moment when the body-shapers score high as an option to give you a look you have desired for long. Don't let those few inches deny you the moment to have that outfit.

• Easy to Look Fabulous

Grab that body-shaper and wear it and there you go! Your figure gets enhanced within a moment. The impression you create on your first appearance counts a lot. Before people get to know you or listen to you, they will first see your physical appearance, and their attention will get drawn to your dressing code. Enhance your look.

That said and done, you are now aware why you should have the body-shaper in your closet. Let's have a look at what you should consider when buying one.

What to Consider When Buying the Body Shaper

There are various factors to consider into when you are shopping for the undergarments. We shall, therefore, take you through to enable you to have a concrete idea on what to consider.

1) Body Size

Ensure to stick to the size of your body because going a size down will make you have bulges. The wrong size will also cause discomfort that might lead to being hurt.

2) Quality

Always go for quality. A high-quality body shaper will lead to durability, and it will help you attain the desired results with a short time. You need a shapewear that will make you feel comfortable with ease movements. Don't expect that from poor quality garments.

3) Cost Effectiveness

Well, do not go for what you cannot afford. Various brands are less expensive but are of excellent quality. Always purchase what is within the range of your finance, and you will achieve your goals.

4) Cotton-made Body Shapers

Most of the shapewear come from nylon and spandex. The materials are perfect for cooler weather where your main aim is to retain body heat as much as you can. Nylon and Spandex material are not suitable for warm weather as it will make you prone to sweat.

Choose cotton-made shapewear that will help to absorb moisture and great in breathability.

5) Full Bodysuit

You wouldn’t want to have a figure that seems not streamlined. Choose the body-shaper that will create a head-to-toe streamlined figure. A full bodysuit brand will give you a filtering look that will not create attention of an undergarment

The 8 Best Body Shapers in The markets

TIRAIN 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Shapewear

Editor Rating:

It has only one US size 6 – 12. It can hardly get found on the market, but they are the most efficient, simple and affordable. It was designed to help the woman snap back to her pre-pregnancy has three belts;

Belly Belt – Helps your tummy muscles to get back to normal.

Waist Belt – Aids in flattening the belly, relief back pain and redefine the waistline.

Pelvic Belt – It helps in transitioning of the uterus to shrink it back to its normal size.

It has three belts in one set that will fulfill your needs throughout the postpartum recovery period. The postnatal recovery process helps you to restore your body shape quickly, regain confidence and ease the postpartum discomfort.

It's made of a breathable and comfortable material that is of high quality. It is easy to clean, made of lightweight fabric, stretchable and highly comfortable. It has passed the permeable test, and it is breathable in all seasons.

It has two sizes that fit most mother- It has one version for weighing less than 190lbs and a version for weight over 190lbs. Make sure you get the right size for yourself.

It is adjustable and allows you put it on quickly and pull it equally from both sides. You can finely readjust how tight or loose you want it to be without taking off the band. It is an ideal wear for a mother after giving birth or anyone who has undergone surgery to tighten the loose skin.


  • Relieves back and pelvis pain.
  • Minimizes stretch marks.
  • It speeds up the postnatal healing process.
  • It adds supporting during lactation.
  • It is suitable for C-Section and Normal delivery mothers.
  • It prevents the skin from sagging.


  • It is not suitable during pregnancy.
  • It is not recommended for dressing while sleeping.
Sweet Cherry Body Shapewear

Editor Rating:

It offers women with an hourglass figure. It is cost efficient and has a simple design which makes it easy for to put on. It clichés on the body to give it a smooth look. The garment has the zippered closure and three hooks in adjusting the tension it applies. It is suitable if you are aiming to reduce a few inches on your wait to wear a particular outfit.

Sweet Cherry provides a 360 degree of shaping that targets your mid-section, buttocks and back areas to support improving the posture. It, therefore, help to eliminate the back bulge, improve the shape and redefine the waist.

Unlike much other shapewear that tends to roll down, Sweet Cherry stay in place to guarantee you a flat tummy and an amazing figure that you will desire throughout the day. It's made of high-quality fabric that is breathable and light enough to be worn throughout the day. The garment works perfectly with all wears.

Make sure you choose the right size because a smaller size will give bulges. For maximum results, consider wearing it for 8 hours a day.


  • Power Cinching
    -It has power cinching with eye column and three hooks, a high waist design meant to firm, control and reduces the waistline, creating an hourglass figure. It is suitable for trimming your tummy under any clothes.
  • Postpartum and Post- Pregnancy
    -It is the perfect body-shaper to be worn after giving birth. It is comfortable and offers the necessary support to your back and belly.
  • Breathable, Comfortable and Antibacterial
    -It is of high-quality fabric that is breathable and gives comfort to get worn throughout the day. The primary material used is Polyester, and it is antibacterial and sweat free.
  • Open Bottom
    -It has a bottom opening with three hooks that makes it easy to use the restroom
Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Sport Workout Shaper Tummy 4 Steel Boned

Editor Rating:

It is a small brand that many may not know about. It is perfect when you need to adjust your curves. It greatly helps in losing weight and shapes the waistline. The material used is polyester with spandex making it stretchable for a perfect fit. Wash it by hand using cold water to avoid damaging it.

It is the perfect garment to wear when you want to flaunt your hourglass figure on that wedding gown or the beautiful dinner dress. Perfect to flatten your pouch. Use your dress size to know which size of this garment you will purchase.


  • It is a brand new made by TAILONG stores, made of high quality and has the SGS certification test.
  • The model is made of high-quality material that consists of 90 percent Polyester and 10 percent of Spandex.
  • The TAILONG brand is already registered in the US by USPTO and is protected by the US laws.
  • The material used is soft to make it breathable and comfortable to wear it throughout the day.
Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear

Editor Rating:

It is the most popular brands that we have in our store. It is a simple model that is relatively cheap. It is hard to notice or spot it when beneath clothes. The brand is made of polyamide and elastane. If you want an undergarment that will fit you perfectly, then Maidenform Flexees is the ideal option.

The brand attacks the waist from all corners to give it the ideal shape. It is suitable to be worn in all form of clothes and throughout the day.


  • The fabric is 80 percent Nylon and 20 percent Elastane.
  • It's an imported brand.
  • It is recommendable for hand wash.
  • It is made of soft fabric that gives comfort all day.
  • It has a Hook and Eye closure.
  • It has non-binding legs which provide comfort and flexibility.

If you are looking for a simple garment, made of soft fabric that will give you comfort all day long, grab a pair of Maidenform Flexees. Cost effective and of high quality. A rare combination.

Salome Fajas Colombianas

Editor Rating:

Are you looking for a brand that will give you the desired shape? Well, with Salome Fajas boy-shaper your dream will be achieved. With many brands in the market, this model provides you with the silhouette that you have always wanted. The fabric is 100 percent cotton, but you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. It’s the most expensive models in our stores, but its quality is incredible. It uses a zippered design that gives the desired comfort.

You don’t need to do squats all day for butt lift because Salome body-shaper does that for you. It helps to reduce your waistline and tummy giving you a nice figure. The garment is braless giving control to stomach, back and, thighs. It is suitable for all sizes from skinny to plus size women.

Its outer layer provides compression. It has an inner cotton lining which allows smooth movement with great comfort. The shapewear is suitable for mothers after C-Section or after a Normal delivery. The postnatal healing process is made easy with the use of this model.


  • It is a total body compressor that varies in sizes. Ensure you choose our size rightly.
  • The brand is amazing for all day to wear providing comfort and smooth movement.
  • Can be used by the mother after giving birth; both normal and C-section.
  • It is a butt lifter. Fit to define the hourglass figure you have always desired.
Ekouaer Women’s Shapewear

Editor Rating:

Are you tight on budget? Fine, no need to worry for Ekouaer gives a perfect solution. It is the most affordable brand we have in our stores. It offers incredible results. It is a 3 in 1 shaper that helps to give you a perfect figure.

Like many other brands, it is made of polyamide and elastane. Easy to put on and offer comfort even if it gets worn for the whole day. The added zipper makes it easy to put it on and taking it off.


  • It creates a perky and firm look beneath any cloth. It boosts your butt as you keep working on it.
  • It offers comfort, looks sexy and is perfect for jeans, tight dresses or even shorts.
  • It has an added zipper which provides easiness when putting it on and taking it off.
  • It is a 3 in 1 shapewear that can get easily used as a butt lifter, waist trainer and thigh slimmer.
  • The model is super soft with two layers of high-quality fabric comprising of 92 percent of Polyamide and 8 percent of Elastane.
ShyMay Women's Body Shaper Corset

Editor Rating:

It is the most admirable body-shaper with amazing features suitable for all women in the world. The model has a cleavage V-neck feature that many women prefer. Considering its comfort, it is no magic that women love it.

ShyMay gives you the figure that you have waited for making you flaunt leaving people wondering how you hacked the Magic. Unlike many body-shaper, this model is fit for women of all size and gives the desired comfort. It is the reason why most women prefer it. With ShyMay, you gain confidence to sit and move freely without fear of it popping on clothes.

Losing weight is the ultimate goal for every woman, make it easier with this model. Being made of 90 percent of Polyester and 10 percent Spandex, the flexibility of the garment is incredible.

When it comes to breathability, ShyMay has no comparison! We give you the ability to choose the color you desire with no limitation to your size.


  • Has soft fabric made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Has variety of colors.
  • It is available in various sizes suitable for all women.
  • Tight and support to give an outstanding posture.


  • Hand wash only
Vikoros Waist Tummy Body Shaper

Editor Rating:

When shopping for body-shapers, you should be keen on the quality. Do not just land on any brand for you might not get the desired results. The quality of the body-shaper will determine its durability and helps in attaining the purposes it is intended.

Vikoros' durability is impeccable that aids to shape the waist and tummy. It is made of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex which gives it a smooth and comfortable feeling. You will not have any problem when adjusting as it is possible with ShyMay body-shaper.

Unlike other shapewear, this brand does not slip nor does it gather because is it highly designed. You have for long desired a flaunting figure, look no more for you have the solution right before you.


  • The model is of high quality.
  • It does not slip or gather.
  • Its durability is impressive.
  • It is super comfortable to wear it all day.


  • Runs large
  • Costly

Best Body Shapers in 2019 - Video

All these body shapers come in various sizes and brands. Choose the one that fits you well, and you will attain your desired goals. We would love to see you flaunting your hourglass figure on that dinner or in your wedding gown. Visit our stores today, and you will leave a happy lady!

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