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Many socialites and celebrities step out of the red carpet looking glamorous and stunning without any slight bumps on their designer dresses. It leaves many people thinking that the celebrities have perfect bodies. It is proof even the Hollywood actresses need help at some point as we all need. There is nothing more traumatizing than bumps and bulges on a well-fitting dress. At this point, girdles gain a bonus by helping to smooth the lumps and give a lovely silhouette. It is recommendable for every woman to own at least one piece of the best girdle if in need of wearing a fitting dress.

For many centuries, women relied on corsets to make sure that their bodies reshaped to the style they wanted. As much as the corsets helped their waist look tiny and gave them an hourglass figure, the corsets turned out to be uncomfortable. At the approach of the 20th century, the industries transformed and a new era was ushered. Women stopped being stay-home mothers and they engaged in daily activities either in the corporate world or business. The fashion changed and clothes made were light and flexible. At this juncture, they abandoned the corset due to their comfort ability, but the primary reason was about the steel that was used to make the corsets.

The steel was crucial to be used in war and stopping to wear the corsets was the only ideal option. It is at this point when the use of girdle got embraced. Over the past few decades, corset and other shapewear have gotten great support from women, albeit secretly. In today's world, the women no longer hide their girdles because it has become an item that every lady should have. No girl would want to walk around with lumps on a designer outfit.

Here are types of girdles found in the market

1) Body Girdle

The body girdle conforms and shapes the torso and extends over to the butt and thighs. It mainly trims down the waist and thigh areas. It leaves the buttocks to display its natural look. But there are body girdles that lift the buttock and bust.

2) Waist Girdle

It is a corset that covers your waist. It is limited to the area just under your breasts and slightly above your waistline. It is mainly used to compress your waist to give you an hourglass figure. It must be worn with a bra since it is not designed to lift your bust. There are some of the waist girdles that runs down to your buttock and thighs.

3) Open Girdle

Just as its name, this type of a girdle has an open bottom which extends to the buttock or the thighs. It can be used with stockings and garter belts. They are beautifully designed with a tummy-control panel which keeps the belly flat. The side zip makes this girdle to appear attractive and maintains its smoothness.

4) Panty Girdle

It is the combination of the corset and the panty. It can be well worn like a panty, but its fabric runs over the stomach just above the bellybutton but slightly below the bust. The common feature is a front panel that is tailored to trim your midsection. If you love different colors, then the panty girdle is the ideal garment for you. The amazing thing is that it got different designs and it got garters meant to hold up the stockings.

5) Vintage Girdles

It was one of the traditional girdles that have bounced back to the market. It has come in style, and it is popular than it was before. They are sexy, fun and it rekindles the old-world romantic feeling to many women.

6) Postpartum Girdle

It is one of the most famous corsets we have in our stores. It has been the ideal garment for women who have given birth either through C-section or normal delivery. It enhances the compression of the tummy and helps you to snap back to your prenatal body. Do not feel traumatized if you can no longer fit in your dresses. Instead, buy a girdle from our stores, and you are guaranteed to have your shape back.

Choosing the Right girdle can be challenging, and that is why we will take you through the simple tips on what to look at when purchasing the shapewear.

Guide Tips on Buying the Best Girdle

1} Size

Measure your waist or get to the tailored to take your waist measurement. Ensure you have the correct waist size before visiting the stores, it will give a hint on the sizes. Choosing a bigger size will not compress your waist as required and you will therefore not be able to achieve your goals. A smaller size will leave you with bumps and will give you a distraction shape. Be accurate on your waist.

1} Fabric

Always choose quality. Cotton-made garments are comfortable and durable. They help to compress your waist without causing and harm. Cotton clothes are also ideal for any weather condition and helps to increase the thermal activity around your waist. It will, therefore, help is sweating and eventually losing weight.

2} Breathability

You wouldn't want to feel uncomfortable all day long. Choose the girdle that is made of a cotton material to help you manage to breathe well.

3} Durability

Choose the best corset from our stores, made of steel bones instead of plastic ones to ensure that it doesn't fold easily. Mostly, the cotton fabric is durable, and it will ensure your garment lasts for long and maintains its elasticity.

Most of the times, ladies make a mistake of failing to go for a high quality garment which in turn disappoint them. You should never compromise the quality and comfortability of the garment. That is why we have analyzed the best girdles for you. We have based our analysis based on our customer's feedback and also on the advice of our highly qualified staff. We believe you shall purchase one soon.

Top 5 Girdles, Women's Girdles, Corset Girdle

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Pull-Up, Medical-Grade, Compression & Support

Editor Rating:

In your quest to look for the best girdle, then you have just found it. Bellefit is one of the most favorite garment, and the manufacturers have proved so by the number of sales they make. After pregnancy, your tummy will bulge, and you will get uncomfortable with your body. Your self-esteem gets lowered every time someone gives you a distracting attention.

Giving the world a new baby is heavenly but do not forget to take care of yourself. That is why we highly recommend Bellefit girdle to you. It is a medical-grade garment that is designed to compress your stretched tummy tightly. It is made of microporous fabric which makes it breathable, and it doesn't hold sweat and odors.

You wouldn’t want to wear the girdle with one style. That is why Bellefit has a handy styling guide that will help you to choose the style that will be effective to you. It is a sturdy and a reliable garment. It sticks well on the waist, so you don't have to worry about it rolling up and down. The garment is worth your money, and it is very comfortable to wear it throughout the day.

It comes in various sizes and colors. It is, therefore, ideal for both slim and plus size ladies. It is light and fits well on the waist hence it will remain invisible underneath. Once you wear this garment, your posture will improve, and your tummy will get trimmed. It has a very simple hence it is not difficult to put it on and to take it off. It is recommended for a natural birth.

Highlighted Features

  • It has 3.9 stars out of 5.
  • It is breathable.
  • It corrects your posture.
  • It helps in relieving the back pain.
  • The doctor recommends it.
  • An ideal garment for natural birth.
  • It has no front or side closure because it is a pull-up wear.
BeFit24 Medical Abdominal Support Girdle

Editor Rating:

When we describe the best girdle, BeFit24 leads the list. It can get used by both men and women. The fashion world has evolved, and women no longer wear their designer dresses with the bumps protruding all over. Postnatal healing process might be traumatizing, and with a sagging tummy, the woman's self-esteem is reduced. Don’t allow to be humiliated by those love handles, get yourself the girdle and with no time, they will have disappeared.

Sitting for long hours or mothers who have gone through C-section experience excruciating back pains. It hinders you from doing your daily chores effectively. The BeFit24 will help to relieve your back pains and correct your posture. It can be worn after surgery to tighten the sagging skin and also after a C-section delivery process. It will greatly help to reduce your abdominal aches.

It can also help your body heal from various ailments, it also prevents you from injuries or keeping away from hurting yourself more after an injury. It originates from Europe, and it is made of sturdy fabric which it Latex and Polyester. The wide band covers the entire midsection with its robust elastic closure. 

It, therefore, mean it can be put on or taken off quickly. It has a size for everyone. It allows faster recovery after surgery and also boosts the healing process after delivery. Its Velcro straps close securely ensuring you don’t need to keep readjusting the garment. It offers lumbar stabilization and helps in hernia relief.

Highlighted Features

  • It consists of 34% Latex and 66% polyester.
  • It is comfortable and of high quality.
  • It offers support to the abdominal muscles.
  • It can be used as a post-surgery belt.
  • It is suitable for postnatal belly wrap.
  • It is rated at 4.1 out of 5 stars.
Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

Editor Rating:

The postnatal healing process and be daunting, and some women tend to have postpartum depression. It will affect the mother and the baby also. It requires maximum care and support. The pain can be excruciating for some ladies. Your belly will bulge due to stretched uterus with will give you a pouch. Fitting in your prenatal dresses will be hectic. That is why Mamaway girdle is the perfect garment for you.

It is the best girdle in our stores, and it comes in gray color which is suitable to be worn with any dress. It has a belt in the middle and two other additional straps on either side to give you the compression you desire. It is made of bamboo charcoal which is an anti-bacterial to help to keep the odor away. It means the girdle will not smell after use and it will keep the harmful bacteria away. It gets featured with an exclusive infrared technology which will help your blood flow efficiently. Due to the circulation of blood, the healing process of your body will be fast and efficient.

The garment stay put hence it does not roll up and down. Any time it requires to be washed, you just put it in a washing machine, and it won't get damaged. It is the ideal garment that will redefine your waist, and it lasts for long. It helps with Diastasis Recti and improves your posture. It will contribute to support your back. Abdomen and uterus. The Velcro straps are adjustable. The garment is suitable for both normal and C-section delivery and can get worn immediately. It is a durable garment that will keep its original shape even after washing.

Highlighted Features

  • The primary fabric used is 28% Polyester, 57% Nylon, and 15% Rubber.
  • It is breathable.
  • It is good quality.
  • Durable and maintains its shape after washing.
  • It gives you an immediate smooth silhouette.
Outop 3 in 1 Breathable Postnatal Elastic Girdle

Editor Rating:

It is listed among the best girdle we have in our stores. It is made of lightweight and can fit well without being visible underneath. The world need not know what you have beneath. The band will help you snap back to your prenatal body. You don't have to skip the party or feel shy to attend the wedding simply because you fear the lumps protruding. Get the girdle from our stores, and you will be able to fit in your designer dress.

The garment is adjustable and can stretch to fit any size hence suitable for both slim and plus-size women. The materials used are soft and comfortable. It, therefore, ideal to be put on throughout the day. It is available in nude shade hence it might not best to hide, but it offers the best support for your back. It has an adjustable closure which renders it comfortable for wearing and taking it off. It is neutral to your skin hence it cannot cause any irritation, and the steel bones are well embedded to prick your skin.

Once you put it on, it will help to reduce the inches on your waist giving you an hourglass figure. It is a lightweight garment hence it can be worn the whole day.

Highlighted Features

  • The primary fabric used is Polyester.
  • It is a 3.3 star-rated garment.
  • It can stretch to fit any size.
  • It is durable; it also won't lose its shape after washing.
  • It covers your entire core hence you won’t have any bumps spilling out.
  • The Velcro lines aligns well to prevent any scratch on your skin.
Squeem Women's "perfect Waist" Contouring Cincher Underwear, -Beige, L

Editor Rating:

Last but not least, we have this bets girdle in our list. It is the garment you should go for if you want to enjoy the value of your money. The company has operated for 40 years hence you can expect quality and comfortable garment.

When trying to compress the tummy, you do it in a way the world will be left guessing the magic under your fabulous figure. The undergarment should not be visible beneath, and that is what the Squeem garment does. It fits so well and perfectly to be visible. It allows you to wear a strapless dress, hip-hugger jeans or any other fashion without revealing your girdle. It also happens to be a top performer in tightening and strengthen the abdomen muscles.

It is made of cotton and latex to ensure that it absorbs sweat and you are comfortable to wear it all day long. The inner bones system is stable to make sure that the girdle doesn't roll up or down and it cannot break easily. Probably you feel being a few inches away from your target, don't worry since this fantastic garment will take off 3 –4 inches off your waist instantly.

The cotton band around the waist helps in increasing the thermal activity making you lose weight quickly. It firmly supports your back and flattens your tummy. It will contribute to improve your posture and relieve the back pain. It is recommended to wear this girdle for about 8- 10 hours a day.

Highlighted Features

  • The primary material used is cotton.
  • The garment is imported.
  • It highlights the curve of your waist.
  • It offers excellent support to your back.
  • It reduces inches on your waistline and lifts your bust.
  • It has a firm Stainless steel system which prevents it from rolling up.
  • It will give you a smooth and elongated midsection.

Bellefit Is the Girdle I've Ever Had! - Video

The Benefits of the Perfect Girdle

Have a look at those best girdle highlighted above and choose the one that will impress you. We offer 24/7 services, and we stock enough garments for you. Once you make a choice of purchasing, we would want to let you know why it is important to wear a girdle.

1] Alleviating Back Pain

Probably you are used to sitting down for long hours, or you bend a lot towards the computer, you will eventually develop back pains. After giving birth, women also experience back pains which can hinder them from doing any chore. You can also develop back pains after an injury either through an accident of falling. The best girdle will help to alleviate any backaches and prevent further injuries.

2] Great Figure

When you have a pouch and love handles, you tend to lose your natural shape. It can be traumatizing, and time to time you will face the cruel world where you will be body-shamed. It will eventually affect your self-esteem and lower your confidence. The shapewear is meant to compress your waist and eliminates bumps and lumps. This way, you will be able to fit in your designer dress and walk comfortably. You will have a redefined waist and an hourglass figure. Rock on your dress and show the world that it is doable.

3] Help in Losing Weight

A great workout regime and a healthy eating habit are the sure ways of losing weight. It requires lots of dedication and resilient. Wearing a girdle will lead to thermal activity around your waist, which will make you sweat and hence losing weight. As a beginner, you can start by putting on the shapewear for about 3 – 4 hours a day. Increase the hours as the days goes on till you can manage to wear the garment the whole day. With consistency, you will realize that your tummy will flatten and your waist will get redefined. The best girdle cannot work alone, it requires efforts in the gym, and as you know, abs get made in the kitchen.

4] Boosting Your Confidence

No one would desire to walk around with bumps and lumps spilling. Every lady desire to look flawless and fabulous. The designer dresses are tailored in a manner that portrays an hourglass figure. It is the moment you wrap the top girdle to fit smoothly on any dress. It will in return boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem. You will manage to walk freely and also be able to flaunt your smooth silhouette.

Final Verdict

Wearing a girdle is as important as wearing any other clothing. It is an item that should never lack in your closet. The fashion world has evolved, and everyone is catching up to the trend. Do not lag behind.

We have a variety of shapewear, and we are more than willing to help you realize your dream. Go for the best girdle, and you will not regret your decision. Every action taken towards the betterment of your health

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