Best Plus Size Shapewear – Top Units For 2020 Reviewed!

A plus size woman is a beautiful lady! Having a big bust with well-endowed hips and well-sized legs will leave everyone drooling. Not every woman desire to be slim and some husbands prefer their wives, fiancee or girlfriends being plus size. People have their taste and preference. You can’t change that, but you can only embrace it. Being plus size doesn’t mean you are unhealthy.

The world has changed, and women are craving for curvy bodies with an hourglass figure. Companies manufacturing the shapewear have been on the rise and the sales are impressive. It is an indication that women have embraced shapewear and they are ready to see themselves with a smooth silhouette. It is the moment to brace the trend in the fashion, and you will feel part of the womanhood. Some women are plus size due to genes, eating habits or some get to a large size due to family planning medication.

You have probably witnessed some ladies getting into a diet to make them increase in size or doing the heavy lifting to improve the muscles and look huge. It is the right of every girl to be the size she wants. It is reported that the first form of shapewear were corsets. It helped women to keep their fabulous shapes and mostly hold their tummies after giving birth. Their men would go to wars and women were left to do other chores and taking care of the families. It, therefore, mean they were physically active and with the help of the corset on their waists, the lost inches on their midsection giving them a fabulous figure.

But the corset came to an end as the steel used in boning the corsets could be utilized in war, and so they changed into a girdle. The garment was in the form of a belt made of the animal skin and women loved it since it was comfortable than the corset. In the last few decades, the manufacturing of girdles got embraced. They are now made with and elastic band suitable for any size both the slim and plus size ladies. There are many shapewears in the market today, and every woman would choose the garment that is suitable for her. They all serve a different purpose; they are made of different colors, sizes, and fabrics. It is a matter of knowing what to look in the shapewear. We have enough stock in our stores to accommodate your needs and probably to boost your self-esteem.

A decade ago, body shaming was real, and the plus size women felt intimidated. It is now in the past since women have hacked the secret of looking fabulous even when they are big. It all requires the redefining of the waistline, a lift on the bust and butt, and there you go, the hourglass figure gets created. After knowing the benefits of the best plus size shapewear, women no long feel intimidated. They can fit on any dress and leave people agape of the incredible natural look. The perception of being slim is the definition of beauty has been overtaken by being curvy and at this juncture, plus size women gets the bonus.

The best plus size shapewear is readily available in our stores, and we shall guide you on how to choose and the garment that befits you well. It is your right to wear the clothing that you are comfortable with, and it is our duty to ensure that you enjoy the value of your money. In a nutshell, here is the guidance on what to consider when purchasing the plus size shapewear.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Plus Size Shapewear

1) Size

Being a plus size lady doesn’t translate to you having a big waist. Some plus size women got small waistline than some of the slim girls. Always take the measurements of your waist to be accurate of the garment size. Choosing a bigger size will hinder the wear from compressing your waist. A smaller size will make you have bumps, and the shapewear will roll up and down.

2) Have a Sit Test

One you visit the stores, you will manage to choose the wear that befits your and affordable according to your financial capacity. Don't assume that the garment will fit you. Some have a difference in sizes, and you might end with a small or a large garment. Fit the wear and sit to know how it will feel to wear it throughout the day. If you feel stiff and uncomfortable, that shall be a sign of it being the wrong shapewear. Do not compromise your comfort since you will be required to wear the garment for better results.

3) Fabric

The primary material used to tailor the garment will determine its durability and comfort. The cotton-made wear will feel soft and comfortable to wear all day long. The cotton material also helps in absorbing sweat and keeping you dry and fresh during and after workouts. It also contributes to increasing the thermal activity around the waist making you sweat and eventually losing weight on your midsection. It will, therefore, give you an hourglass figure.

4) Comfortability

Shapewear is supposed to be worn throughout the day and to some extent at night. It should, therefore, be comfortable enough not make you feel stiff. You will be able to know if the garment is comfortable by testing it through putting it on while purchasing. The material used will also enable you to have a clue of what it will be like to have the garment. Your comfortability is paramount, and with the help of our team, we shall help you choose the Top plus size shapewear.

Best Plus Size Shapewear in 2020 – Guide & Reviews

If you consider the above guides, you won’t go wrong in getting the right shapewear for yourself. Conduct a thorough research before making any decision of purchasing. Here are some of the Right plus size shapewear we have in our stores;

01. Spanx OnCore Mid-Thigh Shapewear

Spanx OnCore Mid-Thigh Shapewear

Are you tired of bumps and lumps spilling on your designer dress? Well, it is high time you made a critical decision of having this fantastic garment in your closet. It is the moment to alleviate the embarrassment and reclaim your confidence.

Spanx is the best plus size shapewear. The primary fabric used teams up with the seamless construction to give the smooth silhouette. If you are looking for comfort, stability, and durability, then you have hacked the best garment. The Spanx OnCore Mid-thigh shapewear redefines your waist to give you a perfect figure with a flat tummy. It is designed with a lightweight neckline and bonded edges to ensure it does not irritate your body.

The straps are flexible to help you adjust the garment when the need be. It also gets fitted with removable underwire that gives your bust the perfect fit and a natural look. The front panels are fully bonded to help trim your midsection. The side panels are designed to squeeze your love handles and make the garment flexible and ease the movement.

When wearing an undergarment, you wouldn't want the world to know your sweet secret of having a curvy body. That is why Spanx OnCore serves as the plus size shapewear since it is invisible beneath. It has incredibly soft fabrication which offers your comfortability that you desire. Once you wear this garment, you will lose 2-3 inches around your waist and gives you the desired results.

Highlighted Features

  • It is machine washed.
  • Use cold water while cleaning.
  • The fabric used is 20% Spandex and 80% Nylon.
  • The garment is imported.
  • It is a full bodysuit garment.
  • It has elastic closure.
  • It has the bonded underarms and neckline to prevent it from digging into your skin.
  • Lightweight hence invisible beneath clothes.
  • It is 4.1 star-rated shapewear.

02. Two Timing Medium Control Reversible Bodysuit Plus Size

Two Timing Medium Control Reversible Bodysuit Plus Size

When you consider to purchase a shapewear, be alert of fake sellers who would give you a substandard garment that will wear and tear quickly. That is why we advise you to visit our stores for professional guidance. The Two Timing Firm Control is the best plus size shapewear we have in the market. It has a reversible design which renders it the most favorite garment. This garment ought to be in the closet of every girl!

It is tailored to trim your tummy, smooth your thighs and hips leaving you with a fabulous shape. A right shapewear should remain invisible beneath to hide from the world the magic for your impressive figure. The lacer-cut leg openings give a seamless transition offering a dandy look under slacks or even on dresses. It is one of the shapewear with long legs, and it provides you with the necessary solution. You can never go wrong with Two Timing Control Shapewear. It got specifically designed for you.

If you love different shades of an undergarment, then you have the solution right here. The garment comes in four different colors which are all dull to ensure it is not visible underneath. Always consider the fabric used in making the garment for durability and comfortability. The plus size shapewear will give you the value of your money as you enjoy the vast benefits it offers.

It gets manufactured by SPANX, a company that has been in the industry for long. Through their great experience, you are, therefore, assured of quality and durable wear. At a glance, let us walk through and understand why this garment has 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Highlighted Features

  • It shapes and trim tummy.
  • It has reversible feature which makes it a versatile shapewear.
  • Comfortable.
  • You can pair it with your favorite bra.

03. Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit

Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit

The best plus size shapewear of our century is the Miracle Extra Firm garment. It is not disputable that a good figure will boost your self-esteem and increase your confidence. The love handles and pouch are such an embarrassment that hinders you from wearing a designer dress. Sculpting your back fats requires more efforts in the gym.

Manufacturers saw the need for women to have a silhouette and they ended up coming up with this beautiful wear. MiracleSuit trims your tummy and eliminates the love handles. It redefines your waist and gives you a flaunting hourglass shape. The dream of every woman it took fabulous without any bumps. It has, therefore, never been this easy to achieve your goals. The Wonderful Edge keeps the garment intact to prevent it from rolling up and down. The silicone lining ensures the shapewear's leg band remains intact.

In the modern world, panty lines are lot embarrassing. With Miracles Extra Firm Shapewear, you can kiss the lines goodbye, and you won't have to feel weird while walking around. Feel confident with this amazing undergarment as it will redefine your waist and remain invisible beneath the clothes.

Highlighted Features

  • Miraclesuit manufactures it.
  • It is a 4.3 star-rated garment.
  • Imported
  • It is firm enough to support your back.
  • The Wonderful Edge silicone helps to keep the legbands in place.
  • It offers comfortability.
  • It trims the midsection and improves your posture.

04. BODYSLIMMERS Nancy Ganz Women's Bust Shaping BodySlip

BODYSLIMMERS Nancy Ganz Women's Bust Shaping BodySlip

Nothing feels great than being able to fit in your favorite dress. Probably you have a party soon, and you can’t fix your waist in the gym, the effective way does that is by slipping in your shapewear. Being a plus size woman, you will look glamorous.

Exercises and the healthy diet are the significant elements of losing weight. Though it might take long, it is effective. But sometimes it can happen to be an event that requires you in your best outfit and you still a few inches away from your targets. Bodyslimmers happens to be the best plus size shapewear because it compresses your waist making you reduce inches on your midsection instantly. A well-defined waist will leave you with a smooth silhouette. If you want to have a fuller bust, then this is the ideal garment. It has padded underwire cups for a gentle boost to your breasts giving it a natural look.

During summer seasons, we love to wear strapless dresses due to high-level heat. It is hard or nearly impossible to survive on summer with heavy clothes. The sweating will be too much, and it will leave you with odors. Bodyslimmers shapewear is the perfect garment for summer since it is strapless hence it won’t be visible when worn. It is tailored with a super tight micro fabric ideal to squeeze you in and still offers you comfortability.

It has the hook and eye closure to ensure that you can quickly adjust. The low neckline and the low back enable you to wear the garment with any style of clothing you wish. It can be easily converted from strapless to straps within a blink of an eye. With this plus size shapewear, you get guaranteed that people will not know your secretly of the fabulous silhouette because it is invisible underneath.

Highlighted Features

  • Hand wash.
  • It is imported.
  • The primary fabric used is 18% Spandex and 82% Nylon.
  • It has two sets of removable straps.
  • It got three columns, two hooks, and eye closure.
  • It reduces your inches instantly.
  • It helps in flattening your belly.
  • The manufacturers are BodySlimmers Nancy Ganz.
  • It has 3.8 stars out of 5.

05. Spanx Women’s Colorblock Slip Shapewear

Spanx Women’s Colorblock Slip Shapewear

Getting the plus size shapewear requires in-depth knowledge on the garment and where to shop for one. Many sellers would sell a fake wear for you that do not reflect the value of your money. That is why we advocate for our stores since we have qualified professionals to guide you. The shapewear is like any other clothing you have, and it should never lack in your closet. It is the woman's best friend.

Spanx Colorblock shapewear is the darling to every girl since it can be worn under any dress, skirt or even jeans. Make sure you have this fine garment. It is tailored with soft yet substantial mesh that helps to trim and tuck your tummy. It has unlined bra cups that will give your bust a natural look. A well-lifted bust will give you a well firm breasts and enable you to fit in any dress flawlessly.

The best plus size shapewear will give you a strong compression on your waist leaving you with a smooth silhouette. That's exactly what Spanx Women's Colorblock Shapewear does to your waistline. The world will love to learn your magic of hacking an hourglass physique.

In case you would want to adjust your garment, this great shapewear has adjustable straps and with hook and eye closure, makes the garment customized. Having a great shape has never been this simple, and the moment you fit the garment, you will instantly lose inches on your waist. Fitting in your designer clothes will be heavenly and be sure that your confidence will get restored.

Highlighted Features

  • The primary fabric used is 18% Spandex and 82% Nylon.
  • It is imported.
  • It is meshed.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • It is invisible beneath.
  • Highly rated since it has 5 out of 5 stars.


The above shapewears are the best for plus size women. You cannot go wrong with any of it, and they are comfortable and durable. They shall, therefore, give you the value for your money. Visit our stores today and experience their awesomeness.

Why Wear a Shapewear?

People always question why one should have a shapewear, and we shall give our views and that of our customers. These are the reasons;

1} Confidence

Walking around with bumps and lumps spilling on your designer dress does not give a good impression. It will lower your confidence, and you cannot walk freely. A pouch and loves handles damage your physique and fixing it can be the only way to boost your self-esteem. Wearing the best plus size shapewear will give you a tight compression around your waist leaving you with a smooth silhouette. It, therefore, means fitting in any clothes has never been this easy. You will manage to flaunt your shape.

2} Improved Posture

If you have a curved back, your walking might be a bit difficult. You will also experience back pains which will hinder you from performing your daily activities. A right shapewear will give you a firm support on your back and helps in alleviating the lower back pains. It will improve your posture. Sitting for long hours and bending towards the computer can cause your spine to bend. You can quickly correct the position by fitting in shapewear.

3} Losing Weight Compliment

Probably you have been hitting the gym for weeks or even months, and it seems it is hard to lose the weight. Or you might have a tight schedule where doing exercises can be hard. Don't worry since a good shapewear will help you achieve your targets quickly. The band will increase the thermal activity on your waist, and you will tend to sweat which in the process will make you lose weight.

4} Inexpensive

Losing weight has never been this easy. Most of the shapewear cost below depending on the brand, the fabric used or even the manufacturers. It is affordable compared to other losing weight programs. There are expensive diet programs that might be affordable to everyone. While attending the gym, a monthly subscription will cost you a lot of money. You only need to buy the shapewear once, and the benefits are incredible.

5} Instant Slimmer Figure

Not even the surgery can give you an instant slimmer figure. Wearing the Perfect plus size shapewear will help you have a sculpt waist and five you a slim appearance. Most of our clients have reported achieving some inches off their waistline, thighs, and backside. It is also possible to look young when you shed off several pounds.

Final Verdict

Shapewear is a must garment for any woman who wants to have a flawless figure. It has been embraced worldwide, and the celebrities led the way. The doctors also recommend wear of shapewear in alleviating the back pains.

Looking good is essential especially if you want to fit in a particular dress. Don't shy away from looking glamorous. With the best plus size shapewear, you will attain you desired shape, and your self-esteem will be impressive.

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