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Acquiring the best shape require hard work and dedication. You and I understand that nothing come on a silver plate. We have all seen celebrities looking glamourous. They leave the world drooling over their smooth silhouettes. Every person you celebrate for looking great, has a dedicated workout regime, a healthy diet and probably a good shapewear. Over the past decades, women could wear the girdle, that was in the form of a belt, to ensure they maintain great looks. It also got used in helping them snap back to their prenatal bodies and to prevent the tummy from sagging, after giving birth.

After years of using the girdles, they then upgraded to corsets. It was later discovered that the steel bones used in the corset could get used during war times, and hence they upgraded to girdles that were made with rubber bands. The fashion industry has now lead to the upgrading of the shapewear whereby they are considered as the best items any woman can ever have. Celebrities embraced the garments and then is when other people started realizing the importance of the shapewear. People could wonder the magic used to have the smooth silhouette until when the manufacturers began marketing the shapewear. They first got the hostile reception, but it was later accepted. Shapewear has now become a must garment in any woman's closet.

Best Shape Comparison:

5 Best Shape For 2020

Best shape over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

SPANX Plus Size OnCore Firm Control Bodysuit

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As a lady, you have to look unapologetically beautiful! The muffin tops and love-handle create unpleasant appearance on the designer dress. It will lower your confidence and self-esteem. You need to have a smooth silhouette that will leave everyone drooling. Celebrities embraced the wear of the undergarments, and that is why they always look fabulous. If you have wanted to experience full glamourous, then Spanx Bodysuit is the ideal garment for you.

Spanx shapewear will help in clearing the lumps and bumps and gives you the flawless silhouette. It contributes to sculpt the waistline and trims your tummy and leaves you with a flat midsection. Spanx OnCore Mid-Thigh Bodysuit takes full control of your back, waist, hips, and thighs. It has a lightweight scoop neckline which has bonded edges to ensure it does rub or irritate your skin. It has the adjustable straps. It also has the removable underwire molded around the bust to lifts your breast for a natural look. The front panels are designed to give you a high compression on the midsection to flatten your tummy.

The side panels are meant to compress your waist and to enhance flexibility in movement. The leg opening is designed with a smooth opening for a perfect fit. It comes in various sizes for both slim and plus size women. It has back pockets which will give your rear a uniform appearance. It is the ideal garment to give you the right shape. It fits perfectly hence it is invisible beneath.

Features at a Glance

  • The fabric content is 20% Spanx and 80% Nylon.
  • Manufactured by SPANX.
  • Suitable to wear at the gym.
  • It has a scooped neckline.
  • It has adjustable straps.
  • The front panels help in trimming your tummy.
Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit

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Every lady desires to have a baby. It is an amazing experience and brings joy to every mother. Pregnancy period will lead you to add some weight for the better growth and development of the fetus. In the process, the numbers on the scale will go high, but that should not worry you. Postnatal healing process requires much care to ensure that the mother doesn't feel frustrated. That is why we recommend the use of the shapewear to help you snap back to your prenatal body size.

Acquiring the best shape has never been this simple. Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Bodysuit has made it easier for you. It is the best garment we have in our stores. It offers you full comfort, and its durability is impressive. It takes total control of your rear, back and the tummy. Your back fat rolls should not scare you since this shapewear will help to remove and flatten your midsection. The inbuilt underwires have molded mesh cups to uplift your bust for a natural look. This shapewear fits perfectly hence it can get worn with any dress or skirt without it being visible.

The Wonderful Edge silicone lining prevents the garment from rolling. The leg bands have a seamless design to ensure they the garment doesn't dig into your skin. It is the moment you kiss those panty lines goodbye. The fabric used is of high quality hence it is a durable garment. It is breathable which leaves you fresh. It offers you comfort to manage to wear it all day long.

Features at a Glance

  • It is imported.
  • Manufactured by Miraclesuit.
  • It makes you feel confident.
  • The seamless legbands prevents the garment from digging into your skin.
  • It has the full control on the butt, midriff, tummy and the back.
BODYSLIMMERS Nancy Ganz Women's Bust Shaping BodySlip

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During ancient times, women could wear girdles to maintain their body shapes. The girdle was in the form of a belt that got made with animal skin. It also enabled them to snap back to their prenatal body. It indicated that shapewear was long time adopted due to its benefits. It is a garment that every girl should proudly own. Your close is incomplete without a shapewear. That is why we encourage you to pay us a visit, and you get guaranteed of the best services.

If you have been longing to have the perfect shape, then this is the best moment. With this great garment, you will enjoy the walk. BodySlimmers Nancy Ganz shapewear has been tailored with you in mind. It does everything that shapewear is ought to do. The super micro fabric is designed to give you a tight squeeze yet still offer you comfortability. You will end up having a defined waistline to give you the shape.

Are you having a red carpet event? Don't worry because with the BodySlimmers Nancy Ganz shapewear is designed to allow you wear a strapless dress. You will appear glamourous and sexy. Everyone would want to know the little magic beneath. The hook and eye closure allow easy adjustment of the wear. It comes in various sizes suitable for both slim and plus size ladies. It will help you to reduces inches around your waist.

Features at a Glance

  • Manufactured by BODYSLIMMERS NANCY GANZ.
  • It has three columns of hooks and eye closure for easy adjustment.
  • The fabric content is 18% Spandex and 82% Nylon.
  • It is invisible beneath.
  • Reduces inches around your waist.
  • It compresses the waist and flattens the tummy.
SPANX Women's Colorblock Slip

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There comes a time whereby we all need some help. Acquiring the best shape require your efforts and much dedication. Training and a healthy diet are the sure ways of maintaining a good body shape. But sometimes it seems to take long to get to the hourglass figure. You might want to fit in a designer dress, but the lumps and bumps around your midsection won't allow you to look flawless. At this juncture, SPANX Women's Colorblock Slip garment gains the bonus. It got rated as one of the best shapewear we have in our stores.

It is a soft garment that makes you feel comfortable in it. The comfortability ensures that you manage to wear the garment all day long. It is also recommendable to be worn at the gym. It offers you high compression around the waist for a smooth silhouette. The compression also leads to maximum sweating on the midsection which helps in losing weight. It has adjustable straps which make the garment customizable. The hook and eye closure make it easy to adjust the shapewear especially when you start losing weight.

It can get worn with any dress or skirt and at any function, whether official or an event. It fits perfectly hence it remains invisible beneath. The steel bones offer you the necessary support at the back which will help in improving your posture. The rubber band which is made of latex material contributes to increasing the thermal activity around the waist. It increases sweating for maximum weight loss.

Features at a Glance

  • It is meshed to ensure that is it breathable.
  • Use cold water to wash.
  • It is comfortable.
  • Its durability is impressive.
  • The fabric content is 18% Spandex and 82% Nylon or.32% Spandex and 68% Nylon.
Yummie Women's Sheer and Smooth Noel Plunge Slip

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Wearing the shapewear will help in improving your posture, smoothens your waist and trims your tummy. If you want to experience instant loss of inches around your waist, then try out the best shapewear, and you get guaranteed of the high rated shape. Ensure that you buy the right garment to help you achieve your goals. Every woman desire to look fabulous and feel confidence. The sagging tummy might make you have low self-esteem. It is, therefore, advisable to buy the shapewear.

When it comes to quality, Yummie shapewear supersedes all other garments. The fabric used is of high quality hence making it comfortable and durable. The rubber band offers high compression around the waist to give you a smooth silhouette. Having an hourglass figure has never been this easy. The and increases the thermal activity around the waist for maximum sweating. The stretch nylon fabric helps to maintain the elasticity of the garment. It also helps it to fit correctly ensuring that the garment remains invisible beneath.

The steel boning allows the shapewear to remain in place and makes it stable. It supports your back and helps in alleviating the lower back pains. The inner layers are lined with soft fabric to offer comfortability. It does not irritate or prick your skin. The back straps are adjustable to make the garment customizable. It is breathable and the durability is impeccable. It is one of the garments that should never lack in your closet.

Features at a Glance

  • It has elastic enclosure.
  • The fabric content is 32.5% Spandex and 67.5% Nylon.
  • It is invisible beneath.
  • Manufactured by Yummie by Heather Thomson.
  • It sculpts your waist for the shape.

Some Other Things To Get Hourglass Figur

Having the top shape requires some help although working out and eating healthy is the most assured way of losing weight and acquiring a great body shape. Wearing a shapewear will contribute to trim your waist and give you a smooth silhouette. Once you wear it to the gym, it will speed up waist lost especially on your waistline to make you have an hourglass figure. People with curved backs have reported a vast improvement in their posture after wearing the shapewear for a particular period. Here are top fitness tips that will help you to keep in good shape.

The Garments to Help You Have the Best Shape

Shun Away from Sugars

Taking in sugar causes our bodies to release insulin. The insulin released causes our bodies to store fats. We all know that excessive fats in our bodies raise the level of calories in the body system. It can lead to stroke, hypertension, diabetes and many other diseases related to excessive sugars. That is the reason why the desserts will cause you to add weight since they are rich in sugar. When buying for food stuff, always check the level of the sugar content to understand if you are safe. You can adapt to eating clean, with food that has the low level of sugar content in it.

Drink More Water

The emphasis to drink lots of water have been said over and over again. But there are many good factors attached to drinking lots of water. It will keep you hydrated, and make your skin glow. Water also help in curbing your appetite hence you will tend to eat less. By eating, you will find yourself managing to control your food portion. Eventually, you will lose in the healthy way out. Understand the amount of water that you are supposed to take in a day according to your weight.

Add Weight Training

Over the decades, people believed that weight training was meant for men only. People had a negative perspective about it since they thought it would lead to masculine features in a woman. The fallacy was later done away with since no woman has enough hormones to have a muscular body. As you working out, use dumb bells to increase your resistance. Weights make you stronger and also helps you to burn fats even when resting.

Supplement your Diet

It is advisable to add quality multivitamins in your diet and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamins and minerals are vital elements to add to your healthy diet for maximum weight loss. The omega- fatty acids in fish helps to make your health system healthy and prevents you from the health related diseases. The fatty acids from you from diabetes or any the healthy related illness.

Try Interval Training

If you aim at getting the best shape, it is, therefore, vital to incorporate interval training with your shapewear on your waist. You can alternate between running, walking, rope skipping and jumping jacks. Short interval training workouts will help you burn maximum fats leading to significant weight loss over a particular period.

Stop Eating before you are Full

It is the secret behind have the Top shape. It will make you not eat excess food which will lead to weight gain. Ensure that you do portion control. The easiest way to hack into portion control is to make sure that you take a glass of water before taking your meals. It will make you feel fuller hence you will eat a small portion of food.

Develop a Mindset for Preparation

Many people think that to the hardest part of having the shape is through training and eating clean. But the reality is your mindset. The consistency in working out and the need to eat clean is all controlled by your mind. Changing eating habit can be difficult, but with the right mindset, you will be able to have the shape by losing weight.

Train on different form of exercise Everyday

Doing the same type of training day in day out will lead to a dull workout regime. You might eventually find yourself giving up on exercising. Learn to alternate your training, and you will find it fun. As you continue to work, you will realize that you have lost weight and having a healthy body shape.

Keeping the shape will require consistency, dedication, and persistence. Incorporate training with a healthy eating diet and an excellent shapewear. The celebrities have been able to maintain their hourglass figures by the help of the shapewear. Below, we have listed the shapewear garments that will help you in keeping the perfect shape. Understand each garment and after that make a decision on which and when to buy. You shall enjoy the outcome.

Best Shape - Videos

The above garments are the perfect shapewear that will help you to acquire the best shape that you have waited for. It is crucial to ensure you have at least, one of them to ensure you get sorted once you want to fit in the designer dress. But before making the decision of buying the above garments, there are crucial factors that you should consider. These are;

Fabric Content

The primary material used in designing the clothing will mostly dictate how comfortable the garment will be. Cotton made shapewear tend to be soft and tender. It makes you feel comfortable and does not irritate your skin. It is, therefore, suitable for everyone even for people who are allergic to some fabric.

Garments made of nylon are appropriate for the cold season, but they make you sweaty and sticky during summer or in hot weather condition. The cotton-made shapewear will help in absorbing sweat, leaving you fresh. High-quality fiber ensures that the shapewear lasts for long.


For you to reap the ultimate benefits of the shapewear, ensure that you have the right size. If you choose a small size than normal, the garment will tightly squeeze you making you uncomfortable. It will also pinch and dig into your skin. It might make you end up hating the shapewear. The muffin tops will also spill, and you will not have a smooth silhouette and per your expectation.

The large size will not give you the high compression, and the garment will move around the body. It will make you feel uncomfortable. The only way to have the best shape is by purchasing the garment with the correct measurement. Understand your body type to know the size you are supposed to buy.

Try the Garment

Some brands come in different size, and you might end up fitting in a small or large size than usual. That is why it is advisable to try the garment on to ensure that it is the perfect wear for you. Try and sit to feel if it is comfortable for you to walk around with. The right garment will make you walk freely all day long.

The Purpose

You need to point put the areas that you need help in. Every different shapewear is meant for a different purpose and various body parts. If your main area is the tummy, choose the garment that will offer you high compression around the waist. For a perfect rear, choose the shapewear that will help you to lift the butt. We shall be more than willing to help you discover the best garment for you.

We aim at making you feel proud and look fabulous. Make a visit to our store, and you won’t regret the decision you will make.

Final Verdict

The Right shape is a plus for any woman. It will make you feel comfortable and confidence. Your self-esteem will also increase, and you will manage to face the world courageously. Only you have the power to make the decision that will well suit you.

Having the best shape should give you more pressure into ensuring that you by the shapewear. Make yourself proud and look glamorous!

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