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The tummy control shapewear is designed to trim the tummy, shape the waistline and support the back to give an hourglass figure. It is a garment that should never miss in your closet. A woman's best friend but some men also wear the brand, especially when lifting weights. Every woman deserves to look good and have confidence in flaunting her impressive figure. Choosing the best tummy control shapewear will help to sculpt your waistline and give you a smooth silhouette. Change your wardrobe with these fabulous garments and your confidence level will increase.

Most of the time, women tend to make the mistake of choosing the wrong clothes that do not fit them or poor quality that will end up not serving the intended purpose. Never compromise quality because if you do, you can get assured that the shapewear will wear and tear quickly. We have seen many instances where the need to wear the undergarment is inevitable. With a sagging tummy, you cannot manage to put on a pencil skirt, and if you happen to do, you will not be comfortable for fear of the protruding pouch. The only viable way to prevent this kind of embarrassment is to wear the tummy control shapewear. We have a variety of them in our stores, and we are confident that you will find the one that fits you well.

Best Tummy Control Shapewear Comparison:

5 Best Tummy Control Shapewear for 2020

Those are the core benefits of shapewear. With our qualified staff in conjunction with the feedback from our clients, we have analyzed the shapewear that will help you. On our list is the five best tummy control shapewear:

SPANX Plus Size OnCore Firm Control Bodysuit

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We cannot deny that sometimes women need a little help. With all the exercises and clean eating, the muffin top still pops out. No one needs to dress over those bumps. A flattering figure is every woman's dream and alleviating the frustrations comes by owning the tummy control shapewear. The Spanx OnCore shapewear is made of soft fabric that gives you the smooth and comfort silhouette.

If you have desired for long to have a flat tummy, then Spanx OnCore is the ideal garment. It trims your midsection area, dominating your hips and thighs for a sleek style. It has a lightweight neckline with fringed edges and underarms that prevent irritation on your body. Sometimes it may feel uncomfortable, or you could be feeling stiff. Don't worry because this brand has adjustable flat straps. The removable underwire gives you the perfect fit and separation. The front panels get fully bonded for perfect tummy trimming, and the side panels are tailored to enable flexible movement.

Having a well round butt that perfectly fit on your outfit will give you joy. That is why the Spanx has back pockets which prevent uni-but appearance. You don't want to get the wrong attraction making the world wonder about your undergarment. It fits well and is invisible underneath. The fabric used is soft that make you feel comfortable, and you can wear it throughout the day.

Features at a Glance

  • It has an elastic closure.
  • It has a scooped neckline.
  • It is a bodysuit garment.
  • The primary material used is 20% Spandex and 80% Nylon.
  • It has rounded neckline and underarms that will not irritate you.
Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit

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Having an impressive figure has never been this easy. You need to swirl around and feel great. You need to show off those curves and flaunt that waist. But you cannot do it without the help of this great shapewear. Just like its name, MiracleSuit, this garment does wonders on your midsection. It flawlessly sculpts the bumps and leaves you admiring your amazing figure.

It has supportive underwire with double-layered molded cups. It is designed with Wonderful Edge silicone which makes it remain in place. The Seamless lining prevents it from digging into the skin.

Features at a Glance

  • The brand is imported.
  • It come in two colors.
  • It has supportive underwire.
  • It is a firm garment that will shape you impressively.
  • It is very comfortable and durable.
Yummie Women's Jasmina Seamlessly Shaped Everyday Shaping Thong

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If you have been looking for a shapewear with the best fabric, then you got it right here. Your comfort is paramount, and durability is impressive. The Yummie is the best tummy control garment for it sculpt your figure and restructure it to an hourglass figure, your desired shape. Its nylon fabric will help to smooth and shape you flawlessly and meticulously.

You would not want to let people know about your undergarment. You don't want the world to suspect your little secret and that's why choosing Yummie shapewear is the ideal decision. It is not visible beneath clothes giving you the necessary confidence to walk around freely and confidently. It gets wonderfully designed with silicone lining which will help it be in place. Thanks to its adjustable back straps to customize the fit. It is the best undergarment that should not be missing in your wardrobe, and if it's not in your closet, then it should be on your waist.

Features at a Glance

  • It is imported from China.
  • The garment is invisible.
  • It is for machine wash, but you can hand wash.
  • It helps to smooths and shapes your waist.
  • The primary materials used are 32.5% Spandex and 67.5% Nylon.
Naomi and Nicole Women's Back Magic Firm Control Hi Waist Brief

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Just say bye to muffin tops and get a more defined waist within a short time. While sited, the muffins tops pop out and no one would want a funny looking body shame. Women embrace their great looks which give the confidence and boosts their self-esteem.

It is a high-waist garment tailored with silicone finish that makes it stay in place. It also prevents the undergarment from sliding or slipping. It sculpts your figure and gives a smooth silhouette. Be assured of a trimmed tummy and well compressed of your love handles. It will leave you with an excellent look. It also helps to shape your thighs and hips to give you an hourglass figure. It's the best tummy control shapewear you will ever come across.

It is a firm garment that will help in improving your posture. If you have back pains, preventing you from conducting your daily activities, Naomi and Nicole's shapewear is the best choice for you. On its legs, it has Wonderful edges which prevent any adjustments and midday creep. Failure to have this brand in your wardrobe is being unjust to yourself. It should be one of your daily wear.

It is durable and one of the comfortable garments. Our clients have praised it due to its comfort ability. Despite it being of high quality, it is also affordable. You don't have any reason as to why it is not in your closet. At a glance' let us see why it is the tummy control shapewear.

Features at a Glance

  • It is imported from Nicaragua.
  • It trims the tummy and thighs.
  • It has no slip back feature.
  • The primary material used is 34% Elastane and 66% Nylon.
  • It supports the back for an improved posture and alleviating back pains.
SPANX Women's Colorblock Slip

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It is the perfect garment to be worn with dresses and is designed with soft but substantial mesh that will sculpt your waistline and give it a good compression to bring out an amazing figure. Probably you want your bust to have a natural look and look lifted, then be thankful for its unlined bra cups.

It has adjustable straps which help you to customize the fit and make it easy for you to walk or do your chores freely. Don’t worry to go for that event or dinner for fear of popping muffin tops and unwanted places on your body. You have the solution just right here. We have plenty of the brands in our stores, pay us a visit to get home with one. Let us have an insight as to why it gets considered as the right tummy control shapewear.

Features at a Glance

  • It is meshed.
  • The brand is imported from Indonesia.
  • Use cold water to wash this shapewear.
  • The width is 28.25 inches / 72cm from shoulder.
  • The fabric used is 18% Spandex and 62% Nylon.

Best Tummy Control Shapewear - Videos

Shapewear Play Important Role to Your Special Moment

Having an excellent figure has never been this easy. During and after pregnancy, you will add a few pounds and probably leave you with a big tummy. It takes time for the uterus to go back to its normal size. It is, therefore, advisable to wear a tummy control shapewear to help you snap back to your prenatal body. The shapewear also helps in speeding up the postnatal healing process. Don't be weary since we have the best tummy control shapewear in our stores. You can pay us a visit, and we shall guide you through.

Some people experience back pain either from the accident or due to bad sitting postures. By wearing shapewear, you will get relieved from the pain and your posture will substantially improve. Exercising and clean eating is the assured way of losing but sometimes you might find that you still some few inches away from your targeted weight. Wearing the tummy control shapewear will instantly reduce your waistline 2-4 inches.

Getting married is every woman's and looking glamorous on your wedding day is heavenly. You would love to rock on your wedding gown and make everyone look at you with admiration. Creating an hourglass figure with the marriage dress will probably leave the world wondering how you hacked that shape flawlessly! Is there a reason why you shouldn't own at least one of the tummy shapewear? Well, our hope is if you don't have one, you shall purchase soon. In a nutshell, we shall give you excellent reasons as to why having the tummy control shapewear is the crucial decision you will ever make.

Due to the busy schedules, finding time to hit the gym might be hard. Wearing a shapewear throughout the day will help you reduce inches over some time and give you the desired results. White color jobs lead to sitting down for several hours which make the fats to accumulates in the midsection. Do yourself some justices by having the perfect tummy control shapewear that will give you the correct posture and trim your tummy at the same time.

Benefits of Wearing a Tummy Control Shapewear

We have analyzed the core benefits of the tummy control shapewear. Have a look at them:

Improves Posture and Abs

The compression of the tummy shapewear enables you to stand with your back firm and straighter. It will significantly improve your posture and alleviates back pain. A good posture will help you walk and sit while reducing the strain on your back. It is helpful especially to those who sit for the extended period. Wearing a shapewear will also help to improve your curvy back and strengthen your spine for better coordination in movement and sitting postures.

After giving birth, mothers wear tummy control shapewear to compress their tummy. It will enable them to fit in their prenatal dresses. In this case, it helps to improve their confidence and boost their self-esteem. Wearing the shapewear for an extended period will enable you to strengthen your abdominal muscles, making the internal organs to pull back to their normal position.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

When people first meet you, they will get attracted to your outside look before they get to know you. Your appearance matters a lot. It gives people the idea on how to approach you, and they tend to measure their confidence in you, based on how you look. Yes! The first appearance is vital. Seeing yourself looking glamorous with an hourglass figure will boost your self-esteem, and you will manage to face the world confidently without the fear of body-shaming. Pull that look and let the world pull its look on you!

Lose Inches Instantly

Nothing irritates like muffin tops. It makes you not able to fit on that awesome outfit. The world’s trendy on clothes has a defined style specifically for hourglass figure people. Don’t allow the few inches deny you the moment to pull the best look. Grab your best tummy control shapewear and fit it, and there you go, few inches lost with a great look.

Compliments Weight Loss Program

Another core benefit of wearing a shapewear is that it furthers weight loss. Losing weight is the dream of every woman. That is why exercising, and healthy eating is encouraged to help you lose weight. Wearing the shapewear to the gym will assist in sweating around the tummy area making it easier to lose much weight around the midsection. With time, you will realize your belly is becoming flat with a defined waistline to give you the desired results.

Prolapse or Age

The tummy control shapewear can help the body during the aging process. It also supports symptoms like bosom prolapse, appetite prominent, flat hip, humpback among many others.

The Guide Before Buying the Shapewear


Do you know your size? It should be the first thing you should consider. The tummy control shapewear comes in different sizes. Be conscious of your waist. If you are not sure, you can measure yourself or get to a designer to measure you the size, just to be precise. Buying a shapewear one size down will make the muffin top to bulge and will not be comfortable wearing the garment. Also buying an oversize garment, will not compress your tummy well which might not help you to have a defined waist. Always get your size right!

The Primary Fabric Used

When it comes to shapewear, quality is always the priority. The fabric used will determine the durability of the garment and its comfortability. Garments made of nylon are ideal for cold seasons and environment. It is because they help to absorb heat to keep you warm but not suitable for warm weather. They will make you prone to sweat. The best choice if cotton-made shapewear. They will absorb the sweat and leave you fresh and dry. Cotton fabrics are soft to give comfortability and are durable.

You don’t want to be buying a shapewear every month due to tear and wear or losing its elasticity. Do not compromise your comfort by purchasing poor quality tummy control shapewear.


Women love classy and stylish garments. Let's say it is in every woman's blood! No one would want to walk around with clothes that don't seem trendy and fashionable even if, the undergarment is invisible. The consciousness will always rule the day. But do not go overboard to buy what you cannot afford.

There are some good quality yet cheap garments. They will serve the intended purpose just like the expensive ones. It is not about the price but the quality. Some women tend to buy poor quality because they equate money with the quality, which is not always the case. That is why we advise you to visit us so that we can help you on the major issues you need to know.

In our stores, we have cheap but good-quality shapewear. We would not want to anyone lack the best tummy control shapewear based on finances. We give you what you can afford.

Have a Test

You want to be sure that you shall be able to maneuver comfortably with your new undergarment. You also want to ensure that it shall not be visible because you cannot let the world know your secrets to the impressive figure. Then fit it on. When you visit the stores, put it on and sit do make sure that you will be able to sit and walk around with your undergarment. If you feel stiff, then that garment is not fit for you. You can never go wrong with a well-fitting shapewear.

Consider taking the above tips keenly. You will end up with the tummy control shapewear. But before I conclude, would love to give you simple guides on how to take care of your garment to make it last and maintain its elasticity.

Taking Care of the Tummy Shapewear

Follow the Instructions

On the menu, there are the lead instructions from the manufacturers guiding you on how to put on and take off your garment. Kindly follow the instructions to ensure you do not damage the shapewear.

Hand Wash the Shapewear

Hand washing the tummy control shapewear is the ideal way to ensure it last for long. It is because the fabric used is soft, and it can get damaged by the washing machine if it doesn't have a gentle cycle. Hand washing will also ensure that you are softly cleaning the shapewear, unlike machine where the cycles might not be gentle.

Air Dry the Shapewear

After washing, air-dry the garment either on a flat surface or by hanging it on the clothesline. It is to ensure it is well dried before fitting it on and maintain the texture.

Wash Regular

Hygiene is non-debatable. There is a say that goes; cleanliness is next to godliness. Washing your garment will help it to maintain its stretchable nature and retains its elasticity.

Final Verdict

The best tummy control shapewear will give you nothing but the best. That is why we get dedicated to giving you the best choices to ensure you are happy and confident. We understand that only confident people conquer the world and that's what we want for you.

Your glamorous look will give the world hope and could there be anything better than your self-esteem? Well, we guess none. Plan on giving us a visit, and you will leave a happy woman.

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