Finding the Women’s Waist Cincher for You

Keen to achieve that coveted wasp like waist? A waist cincher could be just what you need. Shaped a little like the lower half of a traditional corset, a waist cincher can be worn beneath any item of clothing and it will help to hold in your waist throughout the day (and night!) giving you a gorgeous hourglass figure. The best waist cinchers are durable, breathable and fit perfectly and provide you with a noticeably thinner waist without compromising on comfort.

With a waist cincher, you will usually notice some effect right away. As soon as you finish putting on the garment, you will find that your waist is between 1 and 4 inches slimmer. However, the true benefits come from wearing the cincher for a few weeks or more. Over time, your waist cincher will start to transform the shape of your waist so that even when you take it off, you have the lovely slim waist that you desire.

Women's Waist Cinchers

Tips for Choosing a Waist Cincher

If you are new to waist cinchers. it is a good idea to read through these top three tips for choosing a cincher that suits you. Even if you have been wearing these garments for some time, moreover, why not read on anyway? You might learn something that will help you to make the most of your cincher.

1. Bear in Mind That the Effect Won't be Instantaneous:

You need to have worn your waist cincher for at least a fortnight in order to get a flavor of the kinds of long term effects that it will offer you. All too many people put on a cincher for 5 minutes and use this short time span to evaluate what it can do for their waistline. The real waist shaping effects build up over time. All that you can assess in the first day or two of wearing is breath ability and comfort. Over a longer time period, you will be able to discover whether this cincher really is doing it for you. So, keep that receipt for a least two weeks!

2. Keep Some Perspective:

Whilst shaping your waist can help you to feel confident in your clothing and ensure that your favorite tops and dresses fit you much better, this garment is not the answer to all of life's problems! It's so important to be happy in yourself and to celebrate your good points and positive aspects. A waist cincher should be thought of as enhancing your naturally beautiful body rather than 'fixing' something that was 'wrong' with it.

3. Be Careful With Compression:

A waist cincher works by compressing your waist. But, it is possible to have too much compression. Compressing your waist more than is necessary will, rather than leading to magically swift results, cause you pain and discomfort. So, get the pressure just right - you should feel a slight squeeze but it should also be totally comfortable. At no time should you tighten your cincher so much that it is hard to breathe or so much that you start to experience back pain.

Reviews of the Top 3 Waist Cinchers

To give you some inspiration for waist cinchers to buy, here are some quick guides to the most popular and well-reviewed products on Amazon.

1. The Sexy Lace Steel Boned Training Corset From Iecool

Iecool is one of the most popular corset and cincher brands, and this item is their most popular product. It features all that you want from a cincher: practical features such as comfort and waist compression, adjustable hooks and a splash of plush lace for a sexy look. Though it can be worn beneath any outfit, this cincher also looks so flattering and as such it can be worn on its own as part of a sensual outfit.

2. The MissAloe Woman's Basic Seamless Bodysuit

The nude version of this product is the most popular. Whilst most waist cinchers are relatively small, this one is designed to cover and gently compress the whole body, so you get a shape up of your waist, abs and upper body too. Nevertheless, you do not achieve the levels of compression with this product that you get with a cincher like the training corset from iecool described above. So, choose this bodysuit only if you want a relatively mild toning and shaping effect rather than some serious waist slimming.

3. This Steampunk Style Corset from Camellias Corsets

There are plenty of steampunk style waist cinchers and corsets out there. it is safe to say that the steampunk community is very much in to their corsets. This corset is a very practical item as well as a beautiful one. It is equipped with 12 individual steel bones which move to accommodate your unique shape. It can be adjusted to give you just the right amount of compression and it is finished off with a gorgeous side sweeping ribbon. This cincher is fashionable and fabulous!

In Conclusion; the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Waist Cincher

The 5-point guide below will take you through the process of adjusting to your first cincher:

1. Have a little patience

It will take at least a fortnight to start to notice the real long term effects of your cincher. So, put the hours in and wait and see how things are going after a couple of weeks or so.

2. Do not compromise on comfort

Tightening your cincher so that it is even one notch more than you feel comfortable with can cause you back and breathing problems. Do not be tempted to squeeze your waist too tightly to get instant results' - there is no such thing, really. Remember, using a cincher wisely is all about parlance.

3. Choose a cincher that is comfortable and breathable

There is nothing worse than feeling sweaty and chafing under your work clothing.

4. Explore the different cincher styles

Do you want something subtle and nude or an all-out steampunk corset? There is something to suit everyone!

5. You may need to tighten your cincher as your waist gets slimmer

As the cincher starts to work its magic and reshape your waist, check in every few weeks and ask yourself whether you can comfortably tighten your cincher a notch. Sometimes, you may need to loosen it a notch, too - and that is totally OK. Just make sure that you are comfortable.

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