How to Shop For the Right Shapewear for Your Body Type

Understanding how shapewear works are your first step to choosing the right piece for your body type. However, you should know that shapewear doesn't work like magic, and will not make you lose weight or change your body type. What a shaper does is to enhance your body shape, create curves in the right places by controlling problem areas and slim down your figure.

Shapewear comes in 3 different control levels which include:

  • Light Control- this shapewear can be worn all day every day. It helps to smooth out slight bulges.
  • Firm Control- this one provides targeted control and figure reducing shaping.
  • Extra- firm control- this is worn for maximum contouring and smoothing. It tightly molds into your body to flatten all bulging areas. It can be worn on special occasions under a gown or a tight-fitting blouse.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shapewear, Regardless of Your Body Type

The Fit

Ever wondered why you get a muffin-top effect above or below a Shapewear garment? Well, a muffin-top only implies that you are wearing a size or two smaller than your actual size. Most women believe that wearing a smaller fit will make them look flattering. The opposite is true. When buying a shapewear, make sure you choose one that fits you perfectly for more flattering results. A tight-fitting body shaper is the only way you will ensure you look your best regardless of what the occasion is.

Shapewear Construction

A good shaper is knitted together in pieces. The pieces are sewn together to enhance curves in the right places and tuck in others. The material used to make shapers is also critical. For a firm hold, latex and spandex materials are highly recommended. If you are looking for a more hosiery style, the garment can be constructed using seamless knitting to flatten it.

How to Choose the Right Shapewear for Different Body Types

Every woman’s body is beautiful. However, each body is built differently. Regardless of your body type, the key to looking your best is by embracing your curves and dressing them in a flattering way. Fortunately, there is a shaper for every kind of body type. The secret to buying the right shapewear is to focus on target areas. Whether you are petite or plus size, always select a garment that will best enhance your shape.

1. Round Figure

Queen Latifah is a beautiful example of a round shaped woman. The biggest challenge for most women with round figure is defining their waistline. Therefore, you should always pick a shapewear that can slim and define your waistline. Choose a shaper that is armed with compression zones in the waistline area to suck and tuck your body to shape.

A shaping panty or a waist cincher is highly recommended to create more curves in your waistline.

Bodysuit- Consider a bodysuit or a shapewear apparel that is built to bring in the waist.

2. Banana Shape (Straight figure)

Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes, and Victoria Beckham are all banana-shaped. Most straight figured women tend to be on the slim side. For the straight figured women, your primary challenge should be to define your waist as well as create curves and smooth your whole figure.

Butt-enhancing shaper- this shaper will help you get more volume in your rear while slimming down your waist.
Cincher vest - this shaper will help lift your bust to create more curves and also slim down your waist.

A high- waist stomach shaper, shaping panties, strapless body shapers, waist cinchers, slips or minimizers are highly recommended.

3. Pear-Shaped (Curvy below the waist)

Some pear-shaped celebrities include Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Since you already have lovely natural curves, you should focus more on smoothing them as well as emphasizing on that enviable waistline. Your focus should be on getting shapers that firmly hold onto your thighs and hips to make them look smoother while also eliminating muffin top.

Braless shaping camisoles- this shapewear will help to lift your bust to emphasize and smooth your waistline.

Control slips and high- waisted shaping panties are recommended. Bike shorts, briefs with legs control legging and slip shapers.

4. Hourglass

Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, and Sofia Vergara are all hourglass shaped. An hourglass shaped woman has curves in all the right areas with a balanced top to bottom ratio. Your primary focus when wearing body shapers should be to smooth and define your curves.

An-allover shaping bodysuit is highly recommended. It will help you get a smooth figure, slim down your waist and lift your butt just a little higher. Corselettes are also a great option especially when you are wearing a dress. They will help slim down your waist and accentuate your hips and rear.

5. Shapely on Top

Some famous apple shaped women include Drew Barrymore, Oprah and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Your body tends to be heavier on the top with a fuller chest, and sometimes your arms may be a little bit on the chubbier side. Your primary focus should be on creating a balance between your upper body and the lower part. A bra that fits your boobs well, preferably one with a minimizing effect is highly recommended. You should invest in shapewear that enhances your rear like leggings or shaping panties. A bodysuit is not recommended for women with a full chest. Instead, invest in a good bra and a high-waisted shaper.

High-waisted control brief- For best results, pulls the shaper all the way up and tuck it under your bra. This will give you a seamless fit without love handles, or back fat hanging out in the wrong places.

Shaping camisoles- This shaper will help eliminate back fat, and help tone your belly. These camis come in different cup sizes. You can also opt for a corset that seat underneath your bra.

Shapewear is the easiest way to obtain a curvy figure in an instance. It is the perfect solution for wearing form-fitting dresses without worrying about any bulges showing. However, you need to take the time to understand how your body stores fat if you want to tame the few challenges your body may face. Also, regardless of how fabulous you want to look, do not wear shapewear that is uncomfortable or suffocating. Always make sure you can move comfortably and breathe while maintaining a slimmer, smoother, flattering shape.

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