The Ultimate Guide to Debunking Waist Cincher Myths

As more and celebrities continue to endorse waist trainers as the secret to their hourglass figure, it has now become part of many women’s daily routine. And the trend is catching on very fast. All you need to do is a quick search on Instagram, and you will be shocked by the thousands of photos on this new sensation. Below we look at controversial issue: are waist trainers a myth? We will begin by differentiating two often confused terms, looking at the history of the cincher, and delve into the controversy.

Ultimate Guide to Debunking Waist Cincher Myths

Waist Cinchers Versus Waist Training Corset

It is important to draw a line between these often-confused terms. The former has flexible boning. You can wear it comfortably as you go about your day to day activities. The letter has boning made from steel. This makes it less flexible. The difference will become important as we go on.

A Historical Perspective

Why not go back to history in a bid to unravel the waist cincher mystery? Waist training corsets go way back to the 1900s. This was when corsets were first invented. They were won on top of the clothes and were more of a fashion statement. Over time, cincher, corsets, and girdles began to be worn as undergarments. Today, cincher is part of shapewear. Most of them are made of Spanx, which compared to corsets is way less constricting

The Controversy

#1. The Medical View

When you ask the medical community, cinchers are a no-go zone. They think that there is too much hype around the results, with little or no emphasis on the side effects that could result from improper usage. However, many women want to look and feel good, especially if they are going to places where they intend to dress to impress.

Targeted Weight Loss

Cinchers are meant to aid in weight loss around the midsection. They do this by compressing the core, releasing toxins, fat metabolism, and increasing perspiration.

According to medical experts, weight cinchers work on the principal of spot reduction, which is a huge exercise misconception. To lose weight, you need to exercise the entire body, for instance through aerobic exercise and a proper diet. What corsets do is cause fat re-distribution among the trunk organs, resulting in an hourglass shape.

Ware Weight

Most waist cinchers are made from latex. This makes you sweat losing water weight and not fat. You may lose weight for a while, but you may need to wear the cinchers forever, literally, if you are to keep the shape up.

Side Effects

Cinchers constrict the abdomen and torso which could impair lung function. There is less space for the lungs to expand, leading to shortness of breath. If you work out while donning a waist training cincher, impaired lung function could be dangerous as the demand for oxygen is higher. The lungs do not expand, thus impairing oxygen exchange and carbon dioxide expulsion. Inadequate oxygenation may result in metabolic syndrome and ultimate weight gain.

#2. Another Perspective

Despite the fact that cinchers may have some health effects, and could even be unnecessary, according to medical experts, there is still some good news. Better still, the good news also comes from the medical field.

Smaller Waistline

Cinchers are said to provide some physical benefits, though only temporally. They actually make you have a smaller waistline, and you look thinner. If you have an upcoming occasion where you want to don a particular outfit, but you have some inches to lose in your midsection, cinchers are the temporary solution. You could lose 1 to 3 inches of your waistline.

Back and Abdomen Support

Cinchers offer good back support and posture control, thanks to the binding effects. The elastic material and offers abdominal support. The waist trainer serves as a reminder for correct posture throughout the day. The abdominal support may also cause you to eat less.

How to Correctly Use Waist Cinchers

Wear them a bit loose

In order to achieve longer lasting results when using cinchers, you need to wear them a bit loose, where the goal is to have your tummy pulled in. This way, the corset serves as a reminder to use the right core muscles as you go about your daily activities. Do not close the ribbon lace-up closure too tight to breathe. Doing this will squeeze the internal organs into a small space.

Get to know the type that best suits your goals

Some cinchers are idea for increased thermal activity in your midsection (resulting in fat burning), While some will be suitable for traditional waist training. Cinchers could be used every day. If you want to work out, you may opt for workout cinchers. The latter are usually stronger and are meant to stimulate perspiration. These are not designed to be worn longer than 4 hours a day.

Get to Smaller Sizes

In order to wear smaller sizes over time, go for curvier trainers, unless you have lost so much weight. Small here refers to only the waist.

Look out for Discomfort

If you feel any discomfort, you should not continue to waist train. Other things that you should not ignore include numbness in the legs, sharp pain in the stomach, shortness of breath, and pinching. Factors to consider when buying waist cinchers.

Size and Material

Many cinchers contain latex. If you are allergic to latex, you may need to wear a thin tank top under the waist trainer. Purchasing a cotton cincher is the other option.

Go for a Well

Fitted cincher. If should never pinch or hurt you. When you are starting out, you need to listen gradually add the amount of time you wear your cinchers. It is advisable to separately exercise your core muscles without wearing the cincher to strengthen them.

All in All

Waist cinchers are a good way to lose some inches on your waistline. You, however, need to use them correctly to achieve maximum result. Look out for your comfort, and buy the right size and material that best suits your need. You can decrease the size gradually. Wear the cinchers a bit loose, too one thing you must never forget: never allow cinchers to substitute your diet and exercise.

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