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The perfect silhouette not only flatters your figure, it makes you look amazing in any dress or outfit that you wear. There are those days or nights when you want your feminine figure to capture the attention of your admirer and make you feel like a movie star. However, ladies' bodies sometimes have a few bumps that are not as flattering as we would want.

Thankfully, there are garments which can help us to cover and smooth them out. Known as Shapewear, these garments are designed to smooth out and firmly hug your body to give you a perfect shape under your figure-hugging dress. Designed such that no seams or zips can show, shapewear is the ultimate way to get a perfect body for your hot date or some other special occasion. There are various types of shapewear available today. Read on to discover them.

Types of Shapewear

Control Cami Tops

Often referred to simply as camis, these are an ideal type of shapewear for ladies who want to make their tummies seem slimmer. If you want a slimmer tummy but do not want to wear control pants, camis are the solution for you. Control cami tops are perfect for streamlining your breasts as well. They are designed to give you a silhouette that goes from your hips to your shoulders. Cami tops have no seams. Therefore, they achieve a smooth, continuous, attractive silhouette.

Shapewear Body Shapers

Do you want to cover up the bumps on your whole torso and boobs for a perfect figure? The shapewear body shapers are your ideal choice. They are light yet give you firm control under your dress or suit. Body shapers are designed to be worn as often as you want.

The Shapewear Arm Shaper

This is a type of garment that helps you to shape and firmly hold your arms. You can wear the arm shaper underneath long sleeve clothes or on its own. It creates perfectly shaped arms and defines your natural curves. The shapewear arm shaper is light. Therefore, you will be comfortable when you wear it.

Half Slips

Shapewear control half-slips are designed to look like a short skirt. They are ideal to wear under miniskirts or figure-hugging dresses at a party or elsewhere. Not only do they firmly hold your thighs and burn, they control your tummy too. Shapewear half-slips are also immensely comfortable.

Shapewear Control Tights

This is a unique type of shapewear because it is not designed to be completely concealed under your clothing. Shapewear control tights can smooth out your tummy, bum, thighs, and legs all the way to your tippy toes. You can pair them with a playful party dress or a pencil skirt for a perfect body shape.

The Shapewear Corsets

This is a garment which is designed for your waist area. It can trim your tummy better than control tights. Moreover, you can wear it with your regular underwear too. The shapewear corset is designed to be easy to wear and remove too. This is thanks to an opening mechanism which makes use of a simple clip. Moreover, there is another variety of the shapewear corset which can be pulled up from your feet all the way to your waist. This one is even less conspicuous and easy to wear. For a perfect waistline, the shapewear corset is the way to go.

The Shapewear Control Pants

Are you looking to control the contours of your tummy, bum, and waist at the same time? Then you can invest in some control pants. These are the fundamental type of shapewear today. They allow you to add a control to your underwear while not adding any layers on it. It is an ideal shapewear garment for your lower body.

Shapewear Singlets

This is a type of body shape which allows you to wear a bra underneath it. If you can't find a body shaper which has your bra size, then you can invest in a set of shapewear singlets. These allow you to remain comfortable yet give you a perfect silhouette. If you want to wear a plunging bra to maximize on your cleavage, you can invest in singlets too. They are available in various sizes and forms. For example, there are some which are short to control your thighs. Moreover, some others end in briefs to give you some freedom down under.


Thanks to shapewear, you can achieve a smooth, perfect silhouette when you wear your favorite dress. Shapewear garments are designed to help accentuate your body shape. For any occasion, they are a girl's best friend.

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