Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex Workout Cincher Review

Fitting in my wedding dress was among my biggest childhood desires. Up until little over a year ago I hadn’t realized that I was putting my dream in jeopardy. When my boyfriend proposed to me, it dawned on me that I had to do something about my weight or forfeit that dream.

What I needed was a way to lose weight and trim my waistline ASAP. I was in panic mode until a friend suggested a waist cincher. I visited Amazon to view the different options that they had. Customer reviews about the Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex Workout Cincher Hourglass Corset were really impressive.

I decided to try it out. To say that I was overwhelmed by the results would be an understatement. The first time I put on the waist cincher, I could barely believe what I saw. The tight fit of the garment compressed my waist and I could see curves on me immediately! This gave me the extra motivation to really put work into my work out routine. I can confidently say that the garment has been nothing but a revelation to me.

Features of the Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex Workout Cincher

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Immediate Impact

When the product was delivered to me, I tried it on. It was staggering to me that without doing anything extra, I could already see curves on me. I could vividly see how I wanted my body to shape up. All the motivation I needed to really get down to a serious workout routine was handed to me then.

The garment is designed to compress the waist firmly the moment you put it on. All my torso area, tummy, waist, hips and back were steadily held together. This raises the temperature around that section when am wearing it. The sweating accompanied by the heat helps my body remove wastes through my skin. Also, the high temperature helps burn much of the fat on my abdomen.


Due to the amount of weight I had put on, I was a little scared that I might not get a corset my size. I actually thought that waist cinchers were designed for slim women only. I was really surprised that not only was there a corset for me, there were even bigger sizes than mine.

The Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex Workout Cincher Hourglass Corset comes in a wide range of sizes. You can easily find a corset from size 24 (XXS) up to size 40 (XL). Additionally, the corset has 3 rows of hooks and an eye cloture. You can easily customize the amount of squeeze you need anytime.


What I really like about the design of my corset is that it is made to fit right up under my breasts. It really helps push my breasts up and makes me feel sexier. The design helps reduce breast sagging and makes them feel firmer.

Built using original Colombian design and technology, my corset is real classy. It also has a really strong yet flexible steel boning structure. The structure makes it easily handle all the pressure that my body has to offer. What’s really impressive is that the structure recovers very quickly from any posture that I may assume to the next. I can barely notice any lag in the steel structure when I move.


One of my main concerns about trying out a waist cincher was the discomfort I imagined I would feel. The thought of a garment tightly wrapped around me frightened me. Picture my shock when I wore it and for a moment forgot it was still on. I can comfortably wear my corset on or inside any of my clothing.

Though the corset has a core made purely of latex, it has an internal and external layer of cotton and spandex. These offer a really soft and smooth transition between my body and the garment. Nowadays, I literary feel that the waist cincher is part of me when working out.


Although there was no price I wouldn’t have paid for my dream wedding, I still think I made a great deal. I have been using my corset for almost a year now and it still feels new. The quality and durability of the product are astonishing.

The Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex Workout Cincher Hourglass goes from (Check  Price at Amazon) depending on your size. When I consider what the garment has done for me, I think it is the best deal I ever made.


Though I usually wear my corset when working out, I do wear it to other functions and events. Whenever I feel that the need to enhance my curves, I put it on. Due to its thin design, it is hardly noticeable under any clothes that I wear. What is totally visible is the shape that my body assumes when am in it.

The corset is designed to be worn for different occasions and events. In fact, I didn’t need to change my wardrobe. The waist cincher hugs my body tightly. I can wear any of my clothes without anyone noticing that I have something else inside.

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What We Liked

  • Hooks and eyes that will not tear off.
  • Perfectly straight seams.
  • High-quality material.
  • Cotton lining prevents itching.
  • The corset does not roll up or down during wear.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Latex may cause allergy.
  • Results are not guaranteed.

Features at a Glance

  • 3 rows of hooks and eye cloture.
  • Latex core.
  • Internal and external cotton lining.
  • Steel flexible boning.

Product Specifications

  • Hand wash only.
  • Use corset care oil.
  • Department: women.
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 6.3 x 0.8 inches.
  • Model number: WC0.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it help reduce my tummy?
Yes, it can. Continuous use of the cincher and a workout program will reduce your tummy.

Q: Can this be worn under your clothes when you go out?
Yes, you can comfortably wear it anywhere. Just make sure that you are not wearing see through clothes.

Final Verdict

As a person whose life has been impacted by the waist cincher, I strongly recommend it to women out there. The Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex Workout Cincher Hourglass Corset XXS-4XL is a must have for anyone thinking of obtaining that hourglass figure that they have dreaming of.

The quality, durability, versatility and comfort of the product is breathtaking. Combined with a dedicated workout program, I am positive that any woman can get that lovely figure they have praying for.

I am definitely looking forward to my wedding day. From what I have seen for the period that I have been using the corset, I am sure that I will be ravishing when the day comes.

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