What You Need to Know About Women Shapewear, Cinchers & Corsets

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, it may take the time to change the appearance of your body shape. Imagine you're planning for a special occasion with one of your desired outfits, but because of the poor body contouring, you wouldn't be able to wear your fabulous outfit. Remember people make up their judgments within the first few minutes of meeting you. So how you put on created the first impression of everything.

A body shapewear is a great way to achieve that desired better-toned body look, and in doing so, it will instantly slim your figure and make you look several pounds lighter. Not only that but also reduce your thighs and tummy so you can fit into clothes of your desired size. However, getting the right body shape wear to achieve your desired goal can be a pain in the neck, so here at bare necessities, we have done all the work for you. So, you don't have to take the trouble.

Our great selection of shape wears include the best body suits, waist cinchers, shaping panties and much more from some of the top brands around the globe in our selection lists, we shall help you understand the best body shape wear, why it was created (of course the benefit of using it) and then the buying advice.

But before we dive into a one by one category, let's look at what a shape wear is and the general benefits of using body shape wear.

Women Shapewear, Cinchers & Corsets

A body shape wear or you can call it a shaping under wear is a designed undergarment that temporarily alters the wearer's body shape to achieve the desired fashionable figure. There are different kinds of shape wears and these include corsets, body shapers, singlet's, control pants, half slips, arm shapers and much more.

Benefits of body shapewear

Instant body slimmer

A shape wear can instantly help you to slim your figure and ultimately change the physical appearance of your body shape. On several occasions, people who have used shape wears have had their tummies reduced to reasonable sizes leaving them feeling lighter and more comfortable.

Complementing weight loss

Using shape wears will make you lose a few pounds of your tummy or things, and as such, you can enjoy putting on those desired sizes of your dream clothes that you couldn't put on before.

Making underneath clothes invisible

Imagine putting on under wear garments that you wish will make you comfortable, but you don't want anybody else to see. This is where the shape wears score the highest.

It builds confidence

Because you are very sure that all the poor body contouring is covered. Your confidence becomes automatically boosted, and all that you're left with is show off the best that you have to show. Examples of shape wears and what they do.

Arm Shapers

It offers comfort ability all day long without fear of wearing your underneath lingerie:


It provides control for any unexpected situations during party seasons. They help in controlling your tummy and are a good choice to wear underneath when putting on short skirts and dresses.

Control pants

If you enjoy keeping all your goodies tight in one place then, this is good for you. If you are a girl who wants to streamline your waist, cinch your tummy as well as controlling all your underwear, look no further, this is the best option for you.


They’re great for allowing to wear your bra underneath them and maximize on cleavage.

Waist cinchers and corsets - Is there a difference?

There is this misconception of anybody wanting to buy either a waist cincher or a corset. The problem is not actually buying but what it is intended for, is what becomes a concern. So, what is the difference between a waist cincher and a corset?

A waist cincher or waist cincher training is a type of corset or sometimes referred to as a was pie that is worn around the waist to create a flat abdominal region or compression Therefore, the difference or similarity is that a corset is a form of a waist cincher and they all do the same thing. Most of the latest brands of corset cinchers are designed with zippers. And in terms the material, rubber and latex seem to be the latest trends of fabric.

However, some latex waist cinchers have relatively weaker bones and therefore giving less support, but for those that are genuine, the feeling is completely different. Similarly, some rubber made waist cinchers are itchy, non-breathable and grippe. So, Which is the genuine corset waist cincher?

A genuine waist corset cincher must be rigid, bulkier, breathable and more effective at giving a dramatic waste reduction. So, if you're starting out as a new buyer, tight-lacing is the best option.

Benefits of waist training:

  • Helps people with scoliosis problems to notice a significant positive change in their body structure over time.
  • For women in their menstrual periods, it helps to reduce menstrual cramps.
    Wearing corsets can as well prevent abdominal injuries.
  • Changes the psychological perception of people about their bodies by feeling thinner and prettier.

What should you consider while choosing the right shape wear?

It is no secret that shapewear has become so popular and it is seemingly becoming an endless array in the world of style and design. Therefore, how to decide which one will work better for you requires some form of guideline or tips as explained below:

Consider the material

Cotton shape wears are ideal for keeping cool in hot temperatures while nylon and spandex synthetic made shape wears are good in colder climates.


Considering your size is also important as this will help you to avoid instances of discomfort.

Look at your body shape first

If you're the type with a big butt, then you should look for one which will be able to show case the whole of your entire bottom.

Picking a full body suit can also be awesome because it streamlines the whole body at once saving you the burden of buying in pieces.


Which type of waist you prefer. High-waist through the smooth lines of the torso is great and if you can get versions that go up to the bra line, these can be good in hooking your bra without slipping down.


By now, you know the different types, benefits of the different types of shape wear, it is important to make your choice after a closer analysis of what exactly you want the shape wear for.

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